About me 

I am a freelance model based in UK England, I first started modelling in 2014. When I had my first photo shoot for a project, I had no intentions of becoming a model, but it become a passion as more opportunities arose and my career flowed naturally into what I have achieved today.
Namely, various catwalks and winning The Alternative Model Of The Year 2016, which was a massive milestone in my career. I have also been involved in promotional work for brands, bands, festivals, events and a music video  feature. I'm also proud to have been published in online magazines featuring interviews exploring my perspective on the industry and given fans the opportunity to know more about me personally. My portfolio features multiple photo shoots of several different varieties, mainly alternative styles but I have always been opened minded to branching out into other categories.
Another of my hobbies and aspirations is working as a fire dancer, I have performed small shows in my city and am looking for more work in this field in the future.
As an art lover myself I also have qualifications in Photography, Makeup, Art & Design which lead me into a Tattoo apprenticeship for a time. This is yet another dream as well. 
I am very driven to keep my career in this industry progressing. To travel with the work I do is a dream I hope to achieve.

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